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My goal with each of my clients is that you learn sustainable behavioral habits to work within your lifestyle so you can achieve your ultimate goals... one change at a time. Let’s work together to develop correct nutritional habits that fuel your body for exercise and allow you to feel your best.

One of the hardest realizations of fitness is that if we want to achieve lasting results we must practice proper nutrition. The reality is we can’t just exercise away poor eating habits.  It took me 10 years to realize this and I believe it’s incredibly important to a well-balanced active lifestyle.  


So... I have launched a nutritional component to my personal training services.  I’ve completed an 8 month intense nutritional certification that focuses on a macro-nutrient approach.   I will guide you to learn how to eat correctly to fuel your body.  I’ll help you make changes to truly understand how to get the results you are searching for.  It requires commitment, time and energy but the investment will deliver big returns.  Change is hard!


I know what it’s like to be a busy woman in many roles. I know what balance looks like and how to achieve the healthiest version of you, while you’re on the go.

I’m a mom, wife, personal trainer and nutrition coach.



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