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I would highly recommend Lisa to help give you a boost to your body and spirit. I leave her class workouts wondering where an hour went. I feel toned, stretched and ready for the day. I’ve belonged to a highly intense HIIT gym before and honestly, it’s not sustainable. What Lisa offers in a group setting IS! Thank you Lisa!

~Marybeth (Granby)



Lisa is by far the best trainer I have ever worked with!! Her incredible passion and knowledge for what she does has helped me achieve goals I never thought possible. I highly recommend Lisa no matter what your current fitness level is!

~Melissa (Suffield)


During the winter and summer time when I wasn't in season for field hockey or lacrosse, I met with Lisa to stay active and improve my strength and agility. I saw tremendous improvements right away. I felt and looked faster and stronger. The workouts were hard work but were very fun and enjoyable! Lisa also emphasizes form and safety, which was very important to me as a student-athlete. She always wants you to strive to work your hardest. Lisa is very encouraging, and she will push you to the best of your ability, but if something isn't working for you, she is very good about making adjustments and modifying to make the best fit. I highly recommend training with Lisa! 

~Amelia Toscano (student @ Emmerson College)


When I began working with Lisa, I had been a weekend runner for a few years, I was completing about a half dozen races each year of varying distances, and keeping a typical pace of 10:00/mile. I had always included strength training, with personal trainers or in boot camp classes at various gyms. Lisa’s program was different: She keeps a strong focus on core work in every exercise, and is adamant about slowing down and keeping perfect form. For the first time, I didn’t feel like I was struggling to keep up with a workout whose pace was too fast, too focused on using more weight, and stressful on my joints.

I began working with Lisa only because it was convenient and to join my friends. I had no expectations of better results. Out of nowhere, with no additional training, I started running at paces close to 8:00/mile, and even had a PR in a 5K at a 7:45 pace. I would never have dreamed this pace was possible for me, particularly as a mom to 4 nearing 40. Thanks to Lisa and her excellent training, I have now trained for and completed 4 Ironman 70.3 triathlons and one full distance Ironman (140.6).

Most importantly, Lisa is positive and encouraging as a coach at all times, while never letting anyone get away with giving less than 100%. Lisa has all the skills that make a great personal trainer, you will not find a better or more effective coach anywhere.

~Lisa (Glastonbury) 


Lisa is so sneaky about all of the different muscle groups she is working in each circuit. The next day I always think “wait, I don’t remember working my calves!” She is able to personalize every station if needed which is so great and if you need a modification be it to make it harder or easier! I love going to her classes!


I have worked with Lisa Riordan for the past year. In that time frame I have found her to be incredibly professional and very motivating. She is always very thorough and well prepared. Since it is a group setting, she gives everyone the attention they need and is able to adjust the workout to every individual.

Lisa finds the way of getting the most out of each individual and as such she would make a great addition to any coaching or training staff.

Should you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me. 

All the best,                  

Beth Miranda


I have known (and trained) with Lisa Riordan for about one year now.  I am a mom in her 50's who was a three sport athlete in HS and college (D3, Tufts '86).  That being said, I know what training and being in shape is all about.  And I also know what it's all about to NOT be in shape.  We all have those moments in life when other things take priority and our own health and well-being take a backseat.  


That's where I was a year ago.  I would go to the gym, exercise a bit here and there, but I was kidding myself.  I had put on over thirty pounds from college.  I tried trainers at the gym, I tried exercise classes and nothing really ever worked and certainly nothing every stuck with me.  I even tried some boot camps - (sort of liked those, but always ended up hurting myself and quitting).


Then Dec of 2016 my neighbor asked me to try, yet another boot camp type class.  This was my first experience working out with somebody who really "knows" what she is doing but also, more importantly, "cares" about you as a person - it's not just a job to Lisa, it's a passion and a calling.  She so focused on form so you won't hurt yourself and then give up.  If something is causing the slightest discomfort she is so quick to offer a modification so you still get the benefit, without the hurt.


As with any person in their mid-50s most of us want to lose a few lbs.  As much as she knows that, she doesn't try to change you and preach overnight changes.  She leads by example and offers life changes (if you ask) and they are small simple easy changes.

My health and fitness level have come 360 degrees in one years time and it's because of Lisa.  

I so wish I had met her years ago and wish my kids could have trained with her when they were in high school.  They do now when they are home to visit and love it so much!  In fact, they even get up in the summer when they are home to train with Lisa at 6am - for young 20 year olds to get up to work out at that hour speaks volumes.


Feel free to call and ask any questions - cell 803 600-0033


PS Ask my tennis opponents how my tennis game is these days.


~Lynn Roth



After working with Lisa this past summer, I can confidently say that I had a great time and 100% will be going back. Most of the time I dread going to gyms to workout and train, but I felt quite the opposite when going to Lisa’s. Every minute there was full of intense but fun workouts, including tabata-based exercises and cardio/core routines, and of course there were always lots of laughs. The workouts that Lisa had me doing were specific to the muscle groups that I wanted to focus on and always involved lots of core. Also, Lisa has great equipment that she incorporates into several of the exercises. Lisa is very flexible with personalizing your workout routine based on what you do and do not like, and she is most encouraging. Going to Lisa’s in-home gym with my friend would always be a great start of my day in the summer, and I cannot wait to go back!

-Mary Clark

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